Tai Chi Forms

Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Chi set is composed of a series of movements. The number of moves varies among styles and may also depend on how they are counted. The count varies from 85, 88, 103 and 108 movements for the traditional long form style. Today, many styles introduce demonstration sets which range from 36, 45, 49 and others.

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  85 Traditional Yang Tai Chi Form
  28 Traditional Yang Tai Chi Short Form
  24 Simplified Yang Tai Chi Form
  13 Poetic Postures Broad Sword Set
  67 Move Straight Sword Form  [...go back]
    1.  Prepare
    2.  Opening
    3.  Circle the Moon with Three Rings
    4.  Big Dipper
    5.  Swallow Skims the Water
    6.  Block and Sweep, Right
    7.  Block and Sweep, Left
    8.  Little Dipper
    9.  Swallow Returns to its Nest
  10.  Agile Cat Seizes the Mouse
  11.  Phoenix Lifts its Head
  12.  Wasp Enters the Cave
  13.  Phoenix Opens its Right Wing
  14.  Little Dipper
  15.  Phoenix Opens its Left Wing
  16.  Casting the Fishing Rod
  17.  Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake, One
  18.  Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake, Two
  19.  Poking the Grass to Seek the Snake, Three
  20.  Birds Lodging in the Forest
  21.  Black Dragon Swings its Tail
  22.  Green Dragon comes out of the Water
  23.  Lotus Swirls Around in the Wind
  24.  Lion Shakes its Head, Left
  25.  Lion Shakes its Head, Right
  26.  Tiger Covers its Head
  27.  Mustang Jumps the Ravine
  28.  Reining in the Stallion
  29.  Compass
  30.  Dusting in the Wind, One
  31.  Dusting in the Wind, Two
  32.  Dusting in the Wind, Three
  33.  Pushing the Canoe with the Current
  34.  Shooting Star Chases the Moon
  35.  Heavenly Steed Flies Over the Waterfall
  36.  Lifting up the Curtain
  37.  Left Cart Wheel
  38.  Right Cart Wheel
  39.  Swallow Carries Pieces of Earth in its Beak
  40.  Roc Extends its Wings
  41.  Fishing for the Moon at the Sea Bottom
  42.  Embracing the Moon
  43.  Naza Explores the Sea Bottom
  44.  Rhinoceros Looks at the Moon
  45.  Shooting the Wild Goose
  46.  Green Dragon Shows its Claws
  47.  Phoenix Opens Both its Wings
  48.  Step Over and Block Up, Left
  49.  Step Over and Block Up, Right
  50.  Shooting the Wild Goose
  51.  White Ape Presents the Fruit
  52.  Falling Flowers, One
  53.  Falling Flowers, Two
  54.  Falling Flowers, Three
  55.  Falling Flowers, Four
  56.  Falling Flowers, Five
  57.  Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
  58.  White Tiger Swings its Tail
  59.  Tiger Covers its Head
  60.  Fish Jumps Over the Dragon Gate
  61.  Black Dragon Twists Around the Pole, Left
  62.  Black Dragon Twists Around the Pole, Right
  63.  Fairy Points the Way
  64.  An Incense for Heaven
  65.  Plum Flowers Being Swept by the Wind
  66.  Presenting the Tablet
  67.  Return the Sword to its Original Position