Tai Chi Forms

Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Chi set is composed of a series of movements. The number of moves varies among styles and may also depend on how they are counted. The count varies from 85, 88, 103 and 108 movements for the traditional long form style. Today, many styles introduce demonstration sets which range from 36, 45, 49 and others.

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  85 Traditional Yang Tai Chi Form
  28 Traditional Yang Tai Chi Short Form
  24 Simplified Yang Tai Chi Form  [...go back]
This form is composed of twenty-four unique movements. In 1956, the Chinese National Sport Committee brought together various Tai Chi masters from different styles to create a simplified form of Tai Chi as exercise for the masses. The 24 form truncated the traditional style Tai Chi long forms to 24 postures while maintaining the essential elements of the traditional long forms. The 24 form set takes approximately 5 to 7 minutes to complete, and offers excellent mind and body exercise in a short time session.
    1.  Preparation, Beginning
    2.  Part the Wild Horse's Mane
    3.  White Crane Spreads Its Wings
    4.  Brush Knee and Step Forward, Brush Knee and Twist Step
    5.  Playing the Lute, Strum the Lute
    6.  Step Back and Drive Monkey Away
    7.  Left Grasp Bird's Tail
            1. Ward Off (Peng)
            2. Rollback (Lu)
            3. Press (Ji)
            4. Push (An)
    8.  Right Grasp Bird's Tail
    9.  Single Whip
  10.  Wave Hands Like Clouds
  11.  Single Whip
  12.  High Pat on Horse
  13.  Right Heel Kick
  14.  Strike to Ears with Both Fists
  15.  Turn Body and Left Heel Kick
  16.  Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
            1. Single Whip Squatting Down, Snake Creeps Down
            2. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  17.  Right Lower Body and Bird Stand on One Leg
  18.  Fair Lady Works with Shuttles
  19.  Needle at Sea Bottom
  20.  Fan Through Back
  21.  Turn Body and Punch
  22.  Appears Closed Entrance
  23.  Cross Hands
  24.  Closing
  13 Poetic Postures Broad Sword Set
  67 Move Straight Sword Form